Review: High Profile by Robert B Parker

18 December 2007

highprofile.jpgRobert B Parker has written a lot of books, mostly about Boston private detective Spenser, and his sidekicks, but more recently with some other series often, as in this book, with characters crossing over between them

High Profile is a further instalment in the Jesse Stone series, in which a small-town police chief in Paradise, Massachusetts wrestles with the demons of drink that wrecked his LA homicide detective career, and tries to resolve his ongoing relationship with his ex-wife. The latter is seriously affecting Jesse’s cross-over relationship Sunny Randall, heroine of another of Parker’s series.

The action is based around the deaths of a high-profile TV personality and his girlfriend. The detecting takes place in between and through a series of snappy dialogue scenes between Jesse and the women in his life, his colleagues, and his suspects. Needless to say, the red herrings are tossed back, the crime is solved, and the old faithfuls of money and sex supply the motives.

Parallels are drawn between the inability of the dead man to maintain relationships, and the challenges facing Jesse Stone in his life, if only to show that in his case there is hope. All very profound. Slight but well done.

For a full list of Parker’s books go to the link above, or to the Wikipedia entry.