About Me

I am a New Zealander, living in Wellington. During my time as a public servant I was heavily engaged in e-government and how technology is affecting public management, and before that was involved in administering trade remedies and negotiating trade agreements. I am now working on projects and activities that suit me, drawing on my experience in both of these areas.

This blog was intended to provide a way for me to record some things, comment on things and generally try out the medium.  I originally planned to blog about my professional interests – government and technology, public management, international trade policy – but given that I am continuing to work in these areas I haven’t felt compelled to follow this plan.

So this has ended up mainly as a place to review books.  I studied literature at university, and reading is a major pastime.  Book reviews are mainly on crime fiction, which is what I read mostly. Movies are more sporadic, and I don’t review everything I see.

Other areas of personal interest include rugby, travel, genealogy and food, on which I may post from time to time.

For more details, visit my website at www.mcphail.net.nz

5 Responses to About Me

  1. Mark Harris says:

    Sorry I missed your farewell this evening. The bot’s been laying me low this winter and I just wasn’t up to the drive. Now you’re a man of leisure, you should pop up to the coast sometime 😉

    Good luck


  2. Che Tibby says:


    Same goes on the farewell. Was called out to an emergency podcast.

    Glad to see you’ve been indulging in Web2.0 though! Now have you on RSS.


  3. Hugh McPhail says:

    Thanks guys, I’ll be in touch direct and now hope to be more active in commenting and interacting – practising what I’ve been preaching.

  4. Roland Nyman says:


    Do you mind if I refer to your review of Ben Elton’s book Blind faith in an article to the local paper, Göteborgs-posten (Gothenburg, Sweden)?

    I am an English teacher at one of the City’s school, Toleredsskolan. I teach literatur for teenagers. I also write article to the local papers.

    I saw some good points in your review I could refer to.

    I am also a long-standing and loyal fan of Ben E..!

    Roland Nyman

  5. Hugh McPhail says:

    Hi Roland

    I would be happy for you to refer to my review.


    Hugh McPhail

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